Welcome to the MCAS Iwakuni Private Organization (PO) webpage. Currently, MCAS Iwakuni charters more than 70 POs. As sanctioned under MCAS Iwakuni, these POs comply with the guidelines and policies referenced in MCIPAC Order 5760.1 and are authorized to function aboard MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.

Non-Federal Entities (NFEs) are self-sustaining organizations that are not agencies of the Federal government. They are established, operated, and controlled by individuals acting outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal government. A PO is an NFE that requires and receives a written authorization to operate on MCIPAC facilities and areas in a manner that can create the appearance of an official relationship with MCIPAC (e.g. conduct of fundraising events on installations). They include military spouses' organizations, youth organizations, community service organizations, and recreational organizations other than those operated by MCCS Iwakuni. They are not non­appropriated fund instrumentalities (NAFIs), nor are they generally entitled to the sovereign immunity and privileges given to NAFIs or Federal agencies. They operate on MCAS Iwakuni with the written consent of the Commanding Officer, MCAS Iwakuni, or higher military authority.

The Commanding Officer, MCAS Iwakuni has designated the MCCS Executive Branch as the office that oversees the PO program, which is tasked with monitoring and validating all POs and ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations. ​POs are in no way associated with MCCS.

For more information, please contact the MCCS Coordinator at 253-4109 or via e-mail at ombiwakuni.mccscoordinator@usmc-mccs.org. You may also visit us in the MCCS Executive Office located on the 2nd floor of the Crossroads, Bldg. 410.

Private Organization Name Status
11th Dental Company Detachment Wardroom Active
AIMD/ASD/FRC Iwakuni CPOA Active
ARFF Tsuda Orphanage Association Active
Bats Officers' Mess Active
Bats SNCO Mess Active
BHC Iwakuni Junior Enlisted Association Active
BHC Iwakuni Officers' Wardroom Active
Black, Indigenous and People of Color Members Association Active
Boy Scout Troop 77 Active
Cub Scout Troop 77 Active
CVW-5 CPOA Active
CVW-5 First Class Petty Officer Association Active
Filipino-American Association Active
Genesis Lodge #89 Active
Girl Scout Troop 77 Active
H&HS Officers' Fund Suspended
Iwakuni Dental Association Active
Iwakuni Entrepreneurs Association Active
Iwakuni ESports Boosters Club Revoked
Iwakuni Middle School PTO Active
Iwakuni Spouses Club Active
Japanese American Society Active
Joint Medical/Dental FCPOA Active
Kappa Alpha Psi Active
Knights of Columbus Revoked
MAG-12 Officers' Fund Active
MAG-12 SNCO Association Active
Marauder Officers' Association Active
Marauder Spouse's Association Active
Marine Thrift Store Active
MC Perry & Iwakuni Elementary PTO Active
MC Perry High School Boosters Club/PTO Active
MCAS Iwakuni CPOA Active
MCAS Iwakuni FCPOA Active
Medical Association Recreation Committee (MARC) Active
MWSS-171 Officers' Association Active
MWSS-171 SNCO Association Active
Sea Service Leadership Association Task Force Iwakuni Suspended
Second Class Petty Officer Association MCAS Iwakuni Active
Sentinals Spouse Club Active
Torii Aircrew Fund Active
VAQ-141 CPOA Active
VAQ-141 Officers' Association Active
VAQ-141 Officers' Spouse Club Active
VAW-125 CPO Mess Active
VAW-125 FCPOA Active
VAW-125 Tigertail Officers' Association Active
VAW-125/VRC-30 Officers' Spouse Club Active
VFA-102 Chief Petty Officer Mess Active
VFA-102 Officers' Coffee Mess Active
VFA-102 Officers' Spouse Club Active
VFA-115 Chief Petty Officers' Mess Active
VFA-115 Officer Spouses Group Active
VFA-115 Officers' Association Active
VFA-195 First Class Petty Officer Association Active
VFA-195 Officers' Mess Active
VFA-195 Officers' Spouse Club Active
VFA-27 CPOA Active
VFA-27 OSC Active
VMFA-121 SNCOA Active
VMFA-242 SNCO Association Active
VMGR-152 SNCOA Active
VMGR-152 Sumo Spouses Club Active
VMGR-152 Sumo Spouses' Club Active
VRC-30 Det 5 Combined Mess Active

Contact Information

Private Organizations Coordinator

MCCS Executive Office Bldg. 410
2nd Floor

Phone: 0827-79-4109

DSN: 253-4109

Email: ombiwakuni.mccscoordinator@usmc-mccs.org

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