Looking for a local Movie Theater? Go no further than MCCS! See the newest movies right outside your front door. Comfortable seating, state of the art screens and entertainment the entire family will love.


Ages 12+



$7 (3D Movies)

Ages 6-11



$6 (3D Movies)

Ages 5 & Under


*The theater opens 60 minutes before premieres and 30 minutes before all othe movies.

For the ultimate party, have a private movie screening! Reservation includes any movie of your choice from our Naval Motion Picture Library and the concession stand will be opened for you and your guests.

Reservations Available


9 AM - 4:30 PM


9 AM - 12:30 PM

Federal Holidays



2-7 PM


Ticket booth opens 60 minutes before premieres and 30 minutes before all other movies

*Advance ticket sales are available up to two weeks in advance and on a first-come, first-served basis.

**Advance ticket sales are also available for purchase at the MCX Cash Cage.

Inside the auditorium, please do not:

  • talk or communicate in any manner that disturbs other guests
  • use a cell phone or any other electronic device during the movie
  • engage in text messaging during the movie
  • place feet or shoes on any portion of a seat
  • kick or push another guest’s seat
  • run in any area of the building
  • allow small children to cause any form of disturbance
  • bring in outside food or beverages
  • dispose of chewing gum anywhere other than a waste receptacle
  • record the presentation on the screen, via any means

Failure to adhere to the above code of conduct is grounds for immediate removal from the premises. This applies to guests of all ranks and ages. Refunds are not granted under these circumstances. 

Contact Information

Sakura Theater

Bldg. 625

Phone: 0827794067

DSN: (315) 253-4067

Movie Line/Ticket Booth: 3152534067

Office: 3152535462

Office: 3152535452

Theater Manager: 3152534002

Email: ombiwakuni.movietheater@usmc-mccs.org

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