About the Exceptional Family Member Program

The mission of the Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is to assure a continuum of care for all enrolled families. EFMP will improve the quality of life of families that support a member with a disability. EFMP will ensure that sponsors with Exceptional Family Members (EFM’s) are assigned to duty stations where services exist to support the EFM with access, and availability, to medical and educational services. Enrollment in the program is mandatory for active duty personnel with a family member that has an exceptional need (MCO P1754.4B).

Who Qualifies

An Exceptional Family Member (EFM) must be enrolled in DEERS and MCTFS and be diagnosed with a qualifying educational or medical need that requires specialized care.

EFMP Family Case Workers are Available to

  • Non-clinical case management
  • Family Support Groups, Special Needs Forums, and Family training
  • Information and referral services
  • Support during PCS moves and deployments 
  • EFMP enrollment assistance 
  • Representation at Child and Youth Programs' Inclusion Action Team (IAT) meetings
  • Attendance at DoDEA Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings


EFMP Brochure

Learn about the programs and services provided by EFMP.

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EFMP for Moving

Get essential info about your move with your exceptional family member.

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EFMP for Leaders

Download the EFMP Information for Leaders Brochure here.

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Navy & Army EFMP Contact Info

Access the contact information for EFMP Army and Navy.

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EFMP Enrollment Application Instructions

Download the instructions for EFMP enrollment.

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Family Member Medical Summary

Complete DD Form 2792 to identify a family member with exceptional needs.

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Special Education/Early Intervention

This information will be used by DoD personnel to evaluate and document ...

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EFMP General Information

The EFMP supports active-duty military families with special medical and...

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EFMP Eligibility Requirements

Explore the eligibility requirements for EFMP.

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Declination of Services

Download the Declination of Services form (NAVMC 11719) here.

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Client Rights & Responsibilities

Understand the EFMP Client Rights and Responsibilities.

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Respite Care Program

Respite Application

Verification of Eligibility to Participate in the Exceptional Family Mem...

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Respite Statement of Understanding

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care Reimbursement Prog...

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Respite Hold Harmless Agreement

Download the EFMP Respite Care Holde Harmless Agreement here.

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Respite Reimbursement Voucher

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care Reimbursement Log

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Respite FAQs

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care Reimbursement Prog...

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EFMP Lending Library

EFMP Lending has a collection of books and recordings that individuals or families enrolled in EFMP may borrow. The items are free to borrow and may be checked out for a period of up to three weeks.

EFMP Library Resources

Details about what EFMP resources are available at the Library can be fo...

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EFMP Library Policy

Download the Library's EFMP policies and procedures.

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MCAS Iwakuni Resources

Our mission is to provide substance abuse counseling to all military members and all eligible personnel who fall under the Department of Defenses’ Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

EFMP Contact Resources

Download the EFMP Contact Resources here.

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EFMP Deployment Support

Find EFMP Deployment Support information here.

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EFMP Continuation on Location

Continuation of Location (COL) is designed to support the Marine’s Caree...

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MCAS Iwakuni Library Webpage

Access all information about MCAS Iwakuni Libraries.

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Branch Health Clinic Webpage

Click here to access the Branch Health Clinic Website.

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School Liaison Program Webpage

Visit the K-12 School Liaison page to learn more.

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Military OneSource


Social Security Insurances



This link provides information for both children and adults with disabil...

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Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP) is a federally funded P...

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This site provides you access to disability-related information and prog...

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MCO 1754.4C

MCO 1754.4C

Marine Corps Order - Exceptional Family Member Program

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Contact Information


Community Support Center Bldg. 625
Rm. 206B

Phone: 0827-79-5601

DSN: 253-5601

Case Worker DSN: 253-6219

Case Worker from Japan: 0827-79-6219

Case Worker from USA: 011-81-827-79-6219

Program Manager DSN: 253-5601

Program Manager from Japan: 0827-79-5601

Program Manager from USA: 011-81-827-79-5601

Email: ombiwaefmp@usmc-mccs.org

🕓 Hours
MON - FRI 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
After Hours By appointment
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