This program provides information and referral functions designed for mobile military lifestyles. Individuals with unresolved needs are referred to the resource that can best address the needs. Specialists maintain a database of installation, Department of Defense, community, and national resources. It oversees all relocation service functions to assist with a PCS.

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Information Referral Relocation provides resources about services and programs available at MCAS Iwakuni and civilian agencies, both on and outside the base. Workshops and training for relocation are also provided. Simple language assistance is available as well.

How to Ride the Bus 

Four Corners to Downtown

  • Make sure that you have under ¥1000 bill with you
  • Check the bus schedule.
  • Walk to the Four Corner’s bus stop.
  • Get on the bus and take one ticket from the yellow machine.
  • Before the bus gets to the Iwakuni train station, push the button near the window.
  • If you don’t have exact change for your fare (¥160), you can exchange your ¥1000 bill or coins at the change machine next to the driver.
  • As you leave the bus, drop ¥160 into the fare box next to the diver with your ticket.
  • Bus fare for children for 6-11 years-old is ¥80. There is no charge for children five and under.

Downtown to Four Corners

  • bus stop number is #2
  • check the bus schedule.
  • bus #51, #61, #81, #83, #85, and #91 will stop at four corners.
  • all procedures are the same as above.

Downtown to Three Corners

  • check the bus schedule.
  • bus #30, #60, #70, #72, and #74 will stop at three corners "oyabu".
  • bus fare is ¥180. children 6-11 years-old is ¥90.
  • all procedures are the same as above.

Helpful Phrases

Is this bus going to Kintai bridge?
Kono basu wa Kintakyo ni iki masuka?

Does this bus stop at Oyabu?
Kono basu wa Oyabu ni tomari masuka?

*Enter through the middle door on the bus and exit through the front door.

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Contact Information


Marine & Family Programs Bldg. 411
Rm. 101

Phone: 0827-79-6161

DSN: 253-6161

MON-FRI 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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