Outdoor recreation programs provide authorized patrons with outdoor recreational opportunities and instructional classes to support independent skills and provide a safe, healthy, fun environment for Marines and their families. The outdoor recreation equipment checkout & rental program rents a variety of equipment on a daily or weekly basis. This service is available to Marines, family members, retirees and DoD civilians.

Recreational Equipment Checkout & Rentals

Gear Issue meets all of your outdoor recreational needs with equipment for camping, picnics, boat...

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Parks, Pavilions, Skate Parks & Playgrounds

MCAS Iwakuni offers several parks, pavilions, and playgrounds, as well as the XtremeWorks Skatebo...

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Crossfire Archery Tag and Paintball

Crossfire Archery offers some adrenaline-pumping action. Register early to get your spot.

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Experience the great Japanese outdoors on a trip with Outdoor Recreation. Trips are open to all base personnel; however, discretion is advised as to age and physical condition.

Popular Trips

Mt. Fuji Overnight Trips

A 4-day trip which includes free time in Tokyo and a stay at the New Sanno Hotel. The fee for the trip is $150 plus the hotel charge, which varies according to rank/grade. The hike is strenuous for those not in peak condition, and children under 10 are not allowed. But for those who accept the challenge, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Three trips per year are conducted in July and August.

Surf & Camping Overnight Trips

This overnight trip to Hamada Beach is a relaxing way to spend a weekend at the beach. On the first day we will set up camp and then head to the beach to enjoy some surfing. With no itinerary, this trip will cater to each individual. On the second day we will enjoy the morning waves and sun and then head home around lunchtime.


Sailing Program

Flex your sea legs with a day in the salty spray. Boats are available at the beautiful Hikari Marina, just remember to stop by Gear issue first to pick up your sail!

Sailboat Rental Fee

$10/Day & individuals must possess a U.S. Naval Sailing license, American Sailing Association license, or U.S. Sailing license to reserve sailing equipment.

Sailing Licenses

Need a license? Four-day classes are $95 per person. Open to all base personnel ages 16 and older (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.) Sign-up starts a month prior to the first day of each class. Please call Outdoor Recreation at 253-3822 to learn more.

Contact Information

Outdoor Recreation

Warehouse Bldg. 380

Phone: 0827-79-3822

DSN: 253-3822

Email: OMBIwakuni.OutdoorRecreation@usmc-mccs.org

🕓 Outdoor Recreation Hours
MON - FRI 10 AM - 6 PM
SAT & HOL 8 AM - 4 PM
SUN Closed
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